Without Apperate

Real-time data presents new challenges for developers. Your customers expect to be alerted based on complex rules across multiple real-time data streams, with enrichment to boot. Anything less isn’t acceptable. But this presents a few problems for you. It requires:

  • Low latency to detect and respond to events promptly.
  • Ability to process complex events across multiple data streams at once.
  • An easy way to enrich data as part of event processing.
Apperate translates raw blockchain into a human readable format.

event_type: transfer

to_address: 0xaD015836307B15792b45c5355E96B62E614180bF

smart_contract: USDT (Tether)

value: 200000000

Processing and alerting on real-time financial data without Apperate

With Apperate

Apperate enables both a no-code and an API-based solution to this problem, allowing you to:

  • Process massive amounts of real-time data with low latency and high throughput.
  • Write rules across multiple data streams, unifying results into a single alert.
  • Easily enrich alert results with financial data from IEX Cloud and with data from your private sources.

Processing and alerting on real-time financial data with Apperate

Investing & Analysis Use Cases

Combine IEX Cloud financial and your data, take action on events, alert on changes.

Real-Time Portfolio Monitoring and rebalancing

Continuously monitor the performance and composition of investment portfolios. Process real-time market data and trade execution events, and provide instant updates on the value, allocation, and risk exposure of each investment. Trigger automated portfolio re-balancing functions based on key criteria.

Seamless trade execution

Enable seamless trade execution and order management. Process trade execution events in real-time, ensuring efficient order routing and trade confirmation.Upload your blockchain data into Apperate, monitor for smart contract transactions, and fire alerts.

Risk Management and Alerts

Monitor risk indicators in real-time, such as portfolio volatility, credit rating changes, or sudden market movements. Generate alerts and notifications to notify users of potential risks or trigger risk mitigation actions.Use the Coinbase connector to listen to changes in crypto prices to drive trading decisions and run analytics.

Listen to changes in crypto prices to drive trading decisions

Use the Coinbase connector to listen to changes in crypto prices to drive trading decisions and run analytics.

Apperate Features


Readily generate API endpoints out of your MySQL db to deliver transformed data right into your application.


Track token events on Ethereum blockchain, such as creating real-time alerts on holder/wallet transfers, and/or react to smart contract executions.

Coinbase (Beta)

Connect to the Coinbase trading platform and get real-time alerts on crypto price changes.

AWS S3 Bucket

Connect Apperate to your AWS S3 bucket.


Bring data from a URL into Apperate.


Drag your CSV, JSON, or JSONL file onto the Apperate console and drop it in.

Apperate Record from JSON

Write data from your application into Apperate with Apperate.record().

Event Processing

Build event-driven applications with serverless event processing that helps you filter, transform, and route data at scale.

Real-Time Data Store

Purpose built real-time data store with time-series and SQL support to power your event-driven applications.

Connect to Any Data Source

Easily connect to any data source using prebuilt data connectors or REST API so you can track change events and trigger alerts.

API Gateway

Easily turn real-time data into secure, fast APIs to accelerate application development.

IEX Cloud Data Bundles

The data you need to run your financial applications, pre-loaded and available for purchase. Use IEX Cloud financial data for event processing – on it’s own or in combination with your data.