Process real-time event streams and deliver real-time alerts

Apperate is a serverless stream processing platform that helps developers (and their end-users) take action on real-time data. Fine-tuned for financial services and Web3 with pre-integrated data sources.

How it works

Three steps. Two minutes.
The easiest way to develop real-time data experiences.


Connect Data

Connect data in the system in three ways:

  • Purchase access to our IEX Cloud Data Bundles
  • Write your data to our Event Store via API, URL, or CSV file upload
  • Stream your data into our Event Router using our Connectors

Shape Data

Once connected, shape data into products in several ways:

  • Filter data with our intuitive Stateful Rules
  • Enrich data with IEX Cloud Data Bundles and Reference Data
  • Unify financial data with automated financial identifier resolution
  • Create views with SQL to generate customized APIs and Alerts
  • Transform data with Serverless Functions

Deliver Data

Deliver data to your desired destination in one of two ways:

  • Publish events via our Serverless Event Router
  • RESTful API call via our performant API Gateway

Common Use Cases

Market Data Visualization

  • Chart data to track asset prices and key indicators over time
  • Display fundamental data to analyze trending of financial health 
  • Links to helpful resources to build charts.

Real-Time Alerts

  • Respond to events in real-time such as changes to asset price, customer activities or rising risk parameters.
  • Publish alerts to downstream systems or directly to users in order to take action.

Portfolio Management

  • Automate real-time rebalancing or trade execution with real-time rules.
  • Provide real-time performance monitoring to inform decision-making.
  • Trigger alerts based on user preferences and risk profiles.

Risk Management

  • Enable risk officers to write rules in a no-code GUI and identify risks in real-time.
  • Filter events in real-time to surface fraudulent activity.
  • Build real-time compliance monitoring for your unique regulatory framework.

Investment Analysis

  • Provide real-time valuation metrics to enable investment decisions.
  • Build tools for fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Surface relevant company data and news.

Connect to Blockchain

  • Listen to the Ethereum Blockchain to identify new transactions of interest.
  • Build Ethereum data products to deliver value to end-users.
  • Understand transaction history of individual smart contracts, and get real-time alerts on crypto price changes.

Monitor real-time data. Act on changes.

Everything you need to build an event-driven architecture.

Get to market faster

Backend data infrastructure that's ready in minutes, so you can focus on getting your product in front of customers in record time.

Act on data in motion

Acting on data in motion requires the ability to access, process and store data quickly and reliably. By using stateful compute solutions, developers can leverage real-time insights from data that is constantly moving across multiple systems.

Stateful compute

When stateful computing is combined with a real-time event architecture, developers can store and process data in real time, allowing them to quickly respond to events as they happen.

Integrated data

IEX Cloud stock market data bundles to get instant access to live and historical stock market data and many other stock market and financial data endpoints.