IEX Cloud Data Bundles

Step 1: Pick your IEX Cloud Data Bundles to meet your application's specific data needs.
No usage based charge for data bundles.


A starter package that gives your app and users real time price data (last trade and top of book) at an affordable price.

U.S. consolidated market data (SIP), real-time IEX quotes and trades, delayed OTC trades, and delayed Canadian trades.

Historical stock prices for US equities and an endpoint that makes setting up a chart for your users simple

15 minute delayed Canadian equity trades. Note: Requires additional entitlements with TMX. Reach out to Support with any questions.

Includes everything your users expect to see when viewing a security or company page.

Corporate Actions includes security swaps, dividends, splits, bonuses, and spin off announcements. Never miss a merger or acquisition again.

Stay up to date on the latest initial public offerings of new companies as they make their debut in US equity markets.

All of the data you need to understand a company’s business model, including historical financial statements, institutional holders, and mutual fund owners

Key statistics across US equities

Provides streaming news via SSE from over 3,000 global news sources including major publications, regional media, and social.

Conversion rates and historical data for 50+ conversion pairs.

Price (Per Month)











Simple, transparent price plans

Step 2: Pick your infrastructure plan to match your application’s performance requirements.


For tinkering and prototypes

billed monthly


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    5 Requests Per Second
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    2 API Tokens
  • Checkmark
    10 Accounts


For growing teams

billed monthly


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    200 Requests Per Seconds
  • Checkmark
    50 API Tokens
  • Checkmark
    10 Accounts
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    Stream prices for up to 500 U.S. Equities symbols


Built for enterprise


Custom monthly minimum

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    1,500 Requests Per Second
  • Checkmark
    1,000 API Tokens
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    Unlimited Accounts
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    Stream prices for the entire U.S. Equities Market

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Frequently Asked Questions

What data comes with the Launch plan?

No IEX Cloud Financial data comes with the Launch or Grow plans. Data must be purchased separately through one of our data bundles.

I am an individual investor. Which market data package is right for me?

The IEX Bid, Ask, Last Trade package is a perfect starter package for individual investors.  It provides real time market data from IEX’s exchange across all symbols that trade on IEX.

How much data can I use with a bundle?

Usage of data within a purchased bundle is unlimited; you will not be charged for incremental usage of data within a bundle.

Where can I find documentation on data bundles?

You can read our docs on IEX Cloud Financial Data here. You can also see our complete IEX Cloud Financial Data catalog here.

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